Reklamos velomobiliai

Efficient outdoor advertising with Advertising Bikes

Advertising bikes are an efficient outdoor advertising channel, that proved itself successful in such cities as London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona and Budapest.

Advertising bike is innovative human powered mobile medium fitted with a 120x180cm six sheet light-box. It can ride along all city streets and bikeways.

The mobile advertising solution enables our customers to reach target audience at a desired place and time. The unique nature of an advertising bike enlivens city scenery and attracts people’s attention both during day and night.

Indirect marketing means are transformed into direct advertising. Helpful and motivated advertising bike drivers can be dressed in outfits that convey our customers’ corporate image, distribute product samples or information leaflets.

The shade of the advertising bike as well as front and rear of the light-box can be covered with advertising stickers (text, colors or logos representing our customers’ corporate image) to further increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. If you are considering advertising campaign for your brand or product and would like assistance with designing an effective schedule in line with your objectives and budget please contact us directly.

Truly moving advertising