Reklamos velomobiliai

Promotruck is a perfect high impact outdoor advertising tool for local and regional campaigns

HC Cosmos, UAB uses mobile billboard trucks as well called Promotrucks in the whole territory of Lithuania. Unique design advertising trucks have the total of 38 square meters of advertising space.

Eye catching mobile billboards are fully lit, which allows to provide maximum impact whenever and wherever the target audience may be.

Promo trucks are much easier to maneuver than truck trailers. Mobile promotruck billboards go wherever your want to promote your product or brand. When faced by a huge 3,5m x 4,5m advert, people in the down town, car traffic or suburbs easily notice the billboard and read the message.

Mobile billboard advertising offers better value for money because no other form of local advertising can reach as many people at such a low rate per thousand impressions (apart from TV).

promotruck in action